Breathing with GRIT for your Conscious Success

GRIT is an accessible, rewarding and life-transforming program founded by world-renowned Psychotherapists and Breathwork Mentoring trainers, Viola and Layla Edward.

The two sisters have transformed tens of thousands of lives since 1993 and now they are taking their knowledge to the global scale with GRIT.

This innovative program gives exclusive access to Viola and Layla, who will conduct live, small group sessions online where participants will gain personal and professional growth, remove obstacles in their paths and have abundant support and care.

Grow . Resource . Inspire . Transform
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GRIT Methodology

Stage 1: Become a GRIT Star: Wake up, grow up, clear up.

Layla and Viola will lead seven, two-hour sessions in small groups that will teach you simple techniques to integrate into your daily life.
You will also learn exercises from our innovative methodology of the 4Bs: GRITBreath, GRITBrain, GRITBelieve and GRITBody.
Learn easy-to-implement, powerful and purposeful strategies to recharge, expand and transform your life.

Stage 1 Fee 297€  

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Stage 2: Become a GRIT Coach: Enable others to elevate their lives

A 64-hour training of a combination of four intensive courses, online and off-line.
During these courses, learn to stand up and rise as a star in the coaching field, gaining deeper knowledge through practice and experience to become a certified GRIT Coach.
Become a member of the GRIT Coaching Community and lead your own groups of future GRIT Stars. This is a joyful and rewarding experience that can be full- or part-time, whichever works best for you.
GRIT is a resource for becoming successful, fulfilled and able to support others to do the same.
Join our growing GRIT Community, that includes a network that spans the globe with speaking opportunities in numerous countries.

27 % of our profit is shared with NGOs, Foundations and Charities.

GRIT 1st Stage Sessions

CONNECT & BE INSPIRED. You are a gift

THINK & SOAR. You are limitless

ACT & EXPAND. You are ready

BE PRESENT & THRIVE. You are a winner

MAP IT & GET IT. You are an achiever

FEEL IT & ENJOY IT. You are Successful

LIVE & SHINE. You are a star

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The Main Team

Created by Viola & Layla Edward, the sisters’ team, who are actively engaged in holistic self-development through psychotherapy and breathwork mentoring since 1993.

Viola and Layla have a fascinating life story. They are what is now known as “Third Culture Kids”. Born in Iraq, to an Assyrian father and Lebanese mother, they had to migrate to Lebanon after their father’s early death. However, 8 years later they were again uprooted due to the impending civil war in Lebanon, joining relatives in the vibrant, colourful, yet totally unfamiliar tropical Venezuela. Their nomadic lifestyle had taught them to be adaptive yet to value and appreciate their cultural heritage.

As children, the two girls could not have been more different. Viola, the eldest, became a wallflower engrossed in her books as she had to leave school at 13 to help provide for her family. Nonetheless, she did not give up her thirst for knowledge and completed her education through home schooling and night school.

Layla on the other hand had a rebellious streak. She had to change schools every year because she rejected authority and didn’t take “No” for an answer. However, her love for knowledge overtook and she finished high school with flying colours and went on to study at university in the USA.

The sisters both started working in the corporate world in their late teens. Their life, so far, had left them with a lot of unanswered questions and so, parallel to their work, they began a journey of self-enquiry through transpersonal psychotherapy, breathwork and meditation, which eventually led them to leave their jobs and create the “Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela”, a successful holistic breathwork center, specializing in breathwork coaching training.

As pioneers of their field, in the early nineties, they founded “Edward & Associates Holistic Business Consultancy” and they went on to spread this knowledge in the corporate world.

With their impactful and practical methods, the sisters have since mentored thousands of people helping them unlock their hidden potential to live a boundless life.

While they lived in different countries for over twenty years, the sisters were always deeply connected and are now happily reunited in Cyprus, living and working together again.

Layla and Viola are fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic.

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The Sisters

GRIT Vision & Purpose

A global community Breathing with GRIT, training people to become fulfilled, successful and rewarded, and to give back with generosity to others and the environment.

GRIT’s purpose is to make personal Growth accessible using your Resources and giving you more. Become Inspired for a meaningful and joyful Transformation and share it with others.

Our Core Values


Grow in your journey by learning to connect to your natural resources and to a strong, healthy and socially responsible community.


Learn to acknowledge and value your accomplishments, appreciate every breath and build on your natural qualities.


Grow your qualities, your self awareness, your prosperity and your relationships with others. Learn to live with joy and bliss in contentment with your everyday life.


We consider the self within an interconnected system, including physical and mental health, emotional intelligence, relationships, work and the environment. Individual parts of this system can help the others to improve and be an impulse for growth.


GRIT will teach you meaningful and practical exercises to integrate in your daily life for noticeable and measurable results. Transform with simplicity and efficiency to become sustainably productive.


GRIT is a rewarding program every step of the way. At the first stage we accompany you in becoming the best version of yourself and then, through GRIT professional training, achieve wealth and gain peace of mind in a sustainable way. Enjoy the financial benefits of being a GRIT Coach and the legacy you are creating by spreading this beautiful work.


GRIT is committed to supporting you to improve continuously, reminding you of the importance of self-care and tending to your needs. GRIT encourages you to apply what you have learned for long-lasting joy and success.

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About Us

Viola Edward
is a woman who broke free.

Born in Iraq and raised in Lebanon, forcibly migrated to Venezuela, she started working at the age of 13. She fed her passion for growth and development through homeschooling, evening lessons and alternative educational pathways. She eventually became an executive for an insurance brokerage. After 21 years in corporate life, Viola broke free. She dared to open her heart, relied on her determination and grit to achieve her dream of becoming a Psychotherapist and Breathwork Trainer. 

In the decades since, she’s evolved into a multi-award-winning personal advisor, author, international speaker, social entrepreneur, business consultant and has changed thousands of lives.

Now her home is in Cyprus. Her clients and colleagues refer to her as the “Master Mentor and Connector” and is particularly valued for her intuition, experience, integrity and creativity. Her motto is “Together is Better.”

Layla Edward
is the embodiment of joy.

She is an executive business coach, a certified practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine, breathworker and a birthing coach. Born in Iraq, raised in Lebanon, studied in the US, lived most of her life in Venezuela, and now is in Cyprus, she is essentially a citizen of the world.

Layla is also an explorer of health and art. “I love to be mindful in all areas of my life, my presence is an asset everywhere I am. I live in joy, peace and clarity, teaching about presence in the moment with gratitude and inspiring others.”
She takes a comprehensive approach to better living, applying her training as an NLP practitioner, acupuncturist, trainer in Circulo de Realizacion Personal and specialization in neurobics and nutrition to help others expand their potential and create conditions that enable a deeper consciousness. 

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